Data technologies made practical

Earlybird is a cloud solutions provider focused on reporting and data analytics

About Us

We are a specialized US-based provider of custom-implemented cloud and data solutions for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure. Our experienced technologists and business specialists can help make your next reporting or analytics initiative a success.

Since 2012, Earlybird has supported over 50 enterprise, startup, and public sector clients with purpose-built implementations of cloud data platforms, integrated analytic warehouses, custom web applications, and more.

And in 2018, we began work on Highbeam, our highly reusable solution framework for serverless ETL and ELT pipelining, as well as multi-source stream integration, specifically designed to meet the needs of our clients in automotive retail and consumer market research. Learn more at

Headquartered in Chicago, and operating remotely nationwide, Earlybird is employee-owned and operated, committed to a shared mission and values we developed together. We aim to make data-driven technologies more useful and practical, and would value the opportunity to serve your business or organization.