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Technical Services


Analytics Applications

Products like QuickSight, Looker, and Tableau are powerful tools for analysts, but need the right data behind them to be most effective. Avoid first-time implementation mistakes and trust a provider with expertise.


Cloud Warehousing

Warehouses have evolved to do much more than their on-premise predecessors. With tools like Redshift and BigQuery, your company's operational datastore can facilitate the ongoing discovery of insights.


Data Engineering

More than just conventional ETL, we offer everything from the collection, curation, enrichment, and orchestration of business data, to and from both batch and streaming sources.


Technical Support

With all the great new tools out there, we want you to be successful. That's why Earlybird offers legacy system assessment and is equipped to provide prompt support for client builds.

Client Example

Supporting Innovative Food Science Research at Curion Insights

Curion Dashboard Sample
Curion Solution Architecture Graphic

Curion Insights uses data to improve the market research and product development functions of their clients, primarily large consumer package goods (CPG) manufacturers like Kraft and Nestle. Earlybird has been Curion's go-to data engineering team since early last summer, building out a company-wide reporting and dashboarding system with marketing-integrated notifications and display-ready performance tracking.

Live testing booths at Curion Insights
Vegetable juice test at Curion Insights

Our Approach

not_startedPre-Sale Engineering

Earlybird provides qualified prospective clients with thorough proposals for our work, alongside information on our past experiences and relevant capabilities. Some organizations already know what they want, but we don’t make that a prerequisite for getting a quote.

group_workSolution Design & Setup

Our first work on any project involves further designing and planning out the technical requirements surfaced in the proposal and contract phase, along with the UX of any custom interfacing. Once we have a clearer idea of what needs to be implemented, our team handles the logistics of securely gaining access to source systems and configuring the necessary cloud platform services.

build_circleInitial Implementation

This is the crucial stretch of development between initial design and the first go-live of any services involving end-users. For many of our engagements involving our Highbeam ETL framework, we strive for this to be 30-45 days of dedicated production, testing, and delivery. It’s during this time that we adapt our standard templates for the different components that comprise the proposed system solution, using available cloud tools and custom programming as required.

infoContinued Support

Once the system is in place, we most often continue along a tailored product roadmap, building out the platform and connected tools to support additional reports, departments, and use cases. Other times we simply assist clients with keeping their cloud up-to-date with the latest service updates, devops best practices, and any technical support needed to keep our solutions as useful and efficient as possible.